The History of Phoenixsong

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The History of Phoenixsong

Post  Headmistress on Tue Nov 06, 2007 6:23 am

The pilgrims that landed at the beginning of America not only sought religious freedom, but many others sought freedom from persecution for the fact that they were witches and wizards. It took a while for a school to be built, and many American witches and wizards were taught at home. However, in the mid 1800s, a Mr. Brandon Parker began planning a magical school for children all across America to learn at. He named the school "Phoenixsong", something that he would listen to when he was having troubled times. And that was what the school was to be, a haven in troubled times for the students, for, after all, construction had to be halted for the Civil War. It was finally completed in 1888.

The houses were names of Mr. Parker's son, Calvin's, creation. He was only eight years old at the time, but quite intelligent for his age. It was he who cut the ribbon commemorating the opening of the school, as his father died four months prior to its completion.

The students are sorted by walking through a gateway behind the professors' table that emblazons the student's house name as he or she walks through.

Many muggles know about the school, PSOS is, however, attributed to "Parker School of Science". Many understand it is a very secretive school, and the students a somewhat strange bunch who occasionally visit the city, but generally avoid them.

Phoenixsong has the reputation of the most Headmistresses ever had at a school, a trend that continues to the present day with Mrs. Charlotte Hayes.

This fall the school expects to celebrate its 120th anniversary.


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