History of Andover Hall

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History of Andover Hall

Post  Headmistress on Mon Mar 10, 2008 7:00 am

Where there is dark, there is light. Where there are witches, there will be witch hunters. The school was founded by an original group that spread out all along the East Coast-some even landed in Salem, and we all know what happened there. However, since Andover Hall's founding, the history of witch hunting has been lost...until now.

The families of the original witch hunters had no idea that the school they sent their children to was so close to those they long considered their mortal enemies, a "freakshow" of society that should be stamped out like an unwanted cockroach. The "Parker School of Science" would turn out to be a combination fo their worse nightmares, and what they had been waiting to find for years.

While the school was founded by witch hunters, they are not the majority of the attending students. It's about a 40%-60% witch hunter to human ratio. Will the humans find out about the war brewing right under their noses? Most likely not, after all, if there's one thing a witch hunter loves...it's hysteria.


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