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Place Descriptions

Post  Headmistress on Mon Mar 10, 2008 4:52 am

Here's a closer look into what the places around the school look like!

The Grounds
The Courtyard: A beautiful courtyard, decorated with statues of all of the Phoenixsong house mascots. Enter from the north through a stone arch entranceway, or the east through a small gate. Many tables, chairs, and benches adorn the walkways that wind through, making this a popular place to sit and chat.

The Pond: Unfortunately, no giant squid lives here. But there have been rumors of some other mysterious water dwelling creatures...

Woods: Although not dangerous, the woods that surround Phoenixsong's grounds mark the boundary from Phoenixsong to bustling New York City. Charms are placed at the final boundary to keep underage students from leaving-and those who are of age should know better than to try and go into the city without permission

Quidditch Pitch: Games and practices are held here, as are flying classes.

Quidditch Pitch Locker Rooms: Where the teams can discuss upcoming matches, or just wind down after practice.

Greenhouses: Where Herbology classes are held.

Garden: If you follow the Eastern path from the Courtyard, you'll enter the garden. Teeming with trees, flowers, and plantlife of every sort, it posesses a beauty that is rare to New York's typical metal jungle. Near the southern part of the garden is a wishing well that is said to have powers of its own.

Lawn: A vast expanse of green grass with a few trees to chill underneath here and there.

Willowbramble Common Room: Furnished in lovely greens and browns with forest landscapes painted on the walls that you can actually see the forest animals running through, it's almost easy to forget you're in a dungeon. Entrance: A gnome climbing a mountain.

Alchemy Dungeon: While you might not learn how to create your own Sorcerer's stone, the Alchemy class is still very exciting.

Dungeons: Many are empty, but be careful what you find.

Kitchens: Unlike Hogwarts, we don't use house-elves. Instead, meals are prepared by human chefs.

Mythology Classroom: Myths de-mystified. Be surprised about how many of the ancient myths have magic of the wizarding kind involved.

Ground Level
Entrance Hall: Walk through the big double doors and enter a whole new world

The Great Hall: All meals served right here! The five wooden tables have table clothes corresponding to each house's color. The staff table is up on a dais and every one gets a comfy seat!

Staff Room: Where the staff goes to meet and discuss important school business...or to just drink some coffee.

Transfiguration Classroom: Matches into needles or a mouse into a snuff's all taught here.

Wizardology Classroom: Learn things you never knew about the wizarding race.

Burnstrike Common Room: While the walls are decorated with dancing flames, no worry, you're not going to burn. There is a large area fit for dancing, as the Burnstrikes do love to party. Entrance: Behind the statue of a fire breathing salamander.

First Floor
Ancient Runes Classroom: Translate runes from the beginning of time.

Hospital Wing: Quidditch injuries, common colds, and everything in between can be tended to by our lovely staff of nurses and doctors

Library: Whether it's studying for a report, or just some light reading, this place has got you covered. Its two levels possess just about every book you could ever even think of wanting.

Ancient Translations Classroom: Did you like Ancient Runes? Come here to learn even more hardcore translations.

Second Floor
Headmistress Hayes' Office: Behind a statue of unicorn lies the Headmistress' office. She's generally very nice...unless you're sent to her in trouble.

Potions Classroom: While memorizing the properties of the ingredients can be annoying, it's all worth it when you brew up something cool.

Drama Classroom: The actual class and club will meet here. The classroom area has a door that leads straight to the stage. The class teaches every aspect of drama: directing, tech crew, lighting/design, sound, acting...everything!

Third Floor:
History Gallery: Pictures, uniforms, and other memoribilia of Phoenixsong's history line the walls.

Trophy Gallery: Commemorations to all kinds of heroes.

Creative Writing Classroom: Will *you* write the next big thing? The creative-writing class explores story-writing, journalism, and many more styles of writing that budding authors may want to try.

Curse-Breaking Classroom: Learn how to break curses, such as the ones protecting the pyramids, in this class.

Brightstar Common Room: A very open and nice place, it provides a spectacular view of the grounds from its many windows. The walls are designed to look like whatever landscape is most pleasing to the eye at any certain time. Entrance: Bust of Titania and Oberon, King and Queen of the Fairies

Fourth Floor
Arithmancy Classroom:A difficult branch of magic that deals with numbers can be learnt here. Hope you don't need one of those muggle calculators.

"Supernatural" and "Paranormal" Studies Classroom: Aka the studies of ghosts and aliens and things. Except you actually get to talk to them instead of studying the theory.

Fifth Floor
Art Classroom: Study the masters, and create a masterpiece of your own.

Healer Studies Classroom: The hospitals need smart young wizards and witches to become healers...and this is where they're trained.

Blastfur Common Room: When inside, it seems as though you are literally at the beach. The ocean motion of varying blues compliments the walls design of rolling waves. Maybe you'll see a dolphin. Entrance: Mermaid fountain

Sixth Floor
Muggle Studies Classroom: Ever been curious about the Muggle world? Be curious no more!

Divination Classroom: Unfog your inner eye and gaze into a crystal ball...will you see impending doom, or a bounty of good fortune?

Seventh Floor
Room of Requirement: Hogwarts isn't the only school that has one, and they both function in the same manner. Located behind a moving photograph of Phoenixsong at its inauguration.

Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom: A very useful class that teaches students how to defend themselves against all kinds of dark creatures, magic, and wizards.

Deputy Headmistress McLaughlin's Office: The Deputy Headmistress is glad to answer questions or punish from right here. Entrance: Behind the bust of a leprechaun.

Eighth Floor
Care of Magical Creatures Classroom: Classes are taught in here, and then move outside to ithe lawn to nteract with the creature they study.

History of Magic Classroom: The class here is actually quite interesting, and the students enjoy watching demonstrations of famous battles in a "virtual world" sort of set up in which they feel like they're actually there.

Wyrfeather Common Room: Complete with terraces and balconies, you can see any point within eight miles from up here. There's always a slight breeze blowing through the Common Room that suits the weather perfectly. The walls make it look like you're literally among the clouds, as they're charmed to look like the outside sky. Birdsong can also be heard throughout as birds flit across the walls. Entrance: Tapestry of a hippogriff.

Owlrey: Letters sent out from this high tower, and the owls are housed here as well.

Pet Sanctuary: Because not everyone has an owl, all other pets can stay here.

Astronomy Tower: Midnight classes are taught here every Monday and Friday.

*Note*: All teacher offices are located on the same floor as the class the teach.


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