First Healer Class of the Year

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First Healer Class of the Year

Post  Professor Summers on Sun Dec 23, 2007 10:28 pm

Place: Healer Studies Classroom
Time: Around 9:30 or so AM, beginning of term
Open: To all students taking Healer Studies

Sabrina set, ok, well, perhaps a better word was 'dropped', her bag onto her dark brown wooden desk which was in the front of the classroom, making a satisfying clunk. She smiled at this, and began to unpack her things- namly, a book on which 'Magical Medicine' sparkled out at her. It was rather heavy, something Sabrina really didn't care for (sure, it helped the students get stronger and burn calories, but could also lead to back and joint problems...) but had proved itself the most effective in the curriculm.

Flipping open to the first page, Sabrina gave a smile- Basic Lifesaving. The first chapter essencially covered the basics of healing- both magical and non-magical. They'd learn how to lessen excessive bleeding (it was a simple spell, really) and how to bind up cuts so that the victim could survive until they were taken to a proper hospital. They'd learn how to cool and bandage burns, and, for extra credit, Sabrina planned on testing to see how many of the students could do CPR- a muggle skill which, though it's survival rate was rather low, would be of great importance should any of her students choose to live in the Muggle world for a time.

Turning around, Sabrina wrote elegantly on the board, "Welcome to Healer Studies. Please open your books to Chapter One and have your wands ready. You should have all recived a bag with Magical Gauze, bandages and tape in it. Please raise your hand and let me know if you need one"

"Oh! Reminds me..." Sabrina flicked her wand, and several different bags flew onto the desks. Smiling, she put her wand carefully down, excited for the start of a new term.
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