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Marie Danielle's Memories

Post  Dani Sunset on Fri Nov 30, 2007 9:40 am

This picture was taken by my muggle friend's mum, she snapped it just before my fifth birthday and gave it to me as a Present.

I found my first grade photo and painted this about three years ago, unfortunatly I lost the original. And yes that is from a muggle school when my dad let me stay with my friend for a couple weeks.

This was taken a few hours after I got my hair cut on my tenth birthday, and about three weeks before I ran away.

About my third year at Phoenixsong, just when I got started being a techie. I think Liz took this picture.

This was about last year when I cut my hair, we were in the dressingroom just goofing off with Daniel's camera.

This was about last week I think just before I got my hair dyed. Jane(a muggle girl in this town) did my makeup...
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