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Melinda's Journal

Post  Melinda B. Hayes on Thu Nov 29, 2007 7:17 am

Dear Journal,

Well, I'm finally back at Phoenixsong. For some reason the summer seemed to drag on forever-and don't get me wrong, I love summer, but there's only so much of doing nothing I can take. I need homework to ignore, for goodness sake!

Okay, well, maybe not ignore. Mom did say that if I ignored anymore homework I would be in big trouble. She said that Jayne would tell Hayden the same thing. I guess we're not allowed to go shopping all morning and show up to first class late anymore...but I could just be guessing. Very Happy Speaking of first was quite eventful. And by eventful, I mean I was furious and upset all in one class period.

The first part is the fault of one Kaiden Preston, Brightstar Quidditch star, and general pain in the as...butt. Basically, he insulted everyone in the classroom-including Jayne-and punched Seth, who stood up to him. I nearly punched him myself, but Jayne came and sent him to Mom's office. I really do pity her. The second part was due to the boggarts we had to face...Hayden's was me. Dead. It was so weird and awful seeing myself lying there on the ground...but I think it just strengthened the friendship Hayden and I have.

Will write more later, I can't be late to my next class least not today Wink

Melinda B. Hayes

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