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Housenames and Info

Post  Headmistress on Mon Nov 05, 2007 7:37 am

Mascot: Unicorn
Traits: The people in this house are usually light hearted, and appear to have an 'otherworldly' air about them. They're there, but not. They're also very kind, and always eager to help others. They have a lot of common sense, and are generally quite smart. People tend to think that they're not paying attention, when they're actually thinking. It's just only with their closest friends that Brightstars choose to share what they're thinking about with. Once you get to know a Brightstar, they can become one of the greatest friends you've ever had. They're very empathetic with those around them, and make great mediators. On the bad side, they come off as very cold sometimes, and guarded, when really they're just being cautious. They also sometimes find themselves helping people who don't want to be helped...they're sometimes pushy that way. They dislike people who only care about themselves.

Mascot: Wolf
Traits: Stable and practical, those in Willowbramble often have a bit of a stubborn streak. And by a bit, we mean by a lot. They prefer having things laid straight out in front of them. Willowbrambles are good leaders and role models, and often looked up to in one way or another by other students. They don't like change, however, because they like to be prepared. Willowbrambles always want to know what's happening, or what's about to happen. However, they like a good adventure as well. They dislike people who talk to much.

Mascot: Dragon
Traits: The Burnstrikes are always moving, no matter what. They are very active, and full of spirit and vitality. They're up early and to bed late, and have the ability to cheer up those around them. They're generally kind, however, they can be a bit brash and blunt, thus hurting other people's feelings. Burnstrikes love to have fun, and people always love having one of them around, so they're generally quite popular. However, the groups they surround themselves with are constantly changing, so they dont typically have steady friends. Sometimes, they can be a bit attention seeking. They dislike whiners.

Mascot: Griffin
Traits: The quite intellectual bunch, Wyrfeathers also find it easy to adapt to many different situations. They are very good at rationalizing, and coming up with good ideas. However, like Burnstrike, they also have difficulty with the feelings of others. They are also very witty and determined in what they want. They enjoy talking and are very good at persuading others. They're generally happy-go-lucky people. They dislike bossy or pushy people.

Mascot: Tigerfish
Traits: The sensitive dreamers of Phoenixsong. Blastfurs are good with dealing with their emotions as well as others, but the difficulty for them is expressing their own emotions in words-other people's they're fine with expressing and understanding. They have a tendency to be secretive, moody, and quiet. When they do talk, they're quite eloquent. Blastfurs sometimes go unnoticed in large groups of people. They dislike show-offs and know-it-alls.


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