A soft armchair by the fireplace

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A soft armchair by the fireplace

Post  Dani Sunset on Sat Nov 24, 2007 12:02 am

Location: Ten feet infront of the fire in the Burnstrike common room
Time: Midnight
Open/Private: OPEN

::Dani sat in a large over stuffed red armchair about ten feet from the fire, she watched lazily as the flames jumped and dived, twisting every which way. Her mind was playing over the events that had happened that day though she didn't want them to. It had been a boring day and the next day didn't promise to be any better, she sighed and tucked an orange pillow closer to her. Smiling slightly at the fire she watched as the flames licked the top of the mantle almost saying they would burn it. Though the flames never did.

You would think that being in the Burnstrike common room would make you hate fire or te colors Orange and Red, and truthfully Dani would've prefered being in Wyrfeather where the colors were simply navy and gray but for some reason the sorting hat [or whatever they use here] had sorted her into burnstrike. The burnstrike common room had it's own niceness and sweetness about it however. Like the fact that they could paint on the walls fully knowing that some student next year would paint over it. So getting up from the overstuffed chair she wandered lazily over to a mural she'd painted the last year. The flames-which made up a surprising amount of art on the walls- were swirling into a girl who was dancing and fire was splutting from all over her body. Dani smiled and ran her hand over the paint feeling the bumps and vallys the pain created when it dried. Her mind raced back to the day she'd created the peice, and she smiled she wished that she was still a fifth year knowing that she still had three years left at Phoenixsong. She knew she still had two but that only made knowing that her father might find her easier harder.

Putting a smile on her never tired face she twirled and plopped down on the overstuffed chair, glad that she was down there instead of in her dorm, and slowly drifted off to a mild sleep.
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