Getting Away for Awhile

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Getting Away for Awhile

Post  Elizabeth Berkley on Fri Nov 23, 2007 3:48 am

Location: The woods by Pheonixsong
Time and Date: midafternoon, September 5th
Private/Open: Open

Crackle, Crunch, Crackle. Liz sighed as she trampled leaves on the slightly beaten path leading away from her school. She absolutely loved the woods. There was just something about them....mysterious and yet somehow comforting. And, of course, they were absolutely beautiful, in their own special way.

It's been too long. Liz thought, as she turned her face from her feet up towards the sky, or, rather, where the sky would be- a good part of it was almost completely blocked out by the trees. Almost completely blocked out. Liz thought wryly. Fall is definitely on it's way.

She felt a sudden chilly wind whip a strand of hair into her face, pushing it away, Liz grinned. Fall had always been her favorite season. It meant thanksgiving, and apples, I'm such a nerd. Liz shook her head, chuckling at herself.

Suddenly, she stopped. She'd reached her favorite tree. She'd named it her first week at Pheonixsong, but had forgotten it somewhere in the second. Smiling again, Liz jumped up to reach the first branch and hoisted herself up using nothing but her arms. She felt her stomach scrape on the bark, but she was by now so used to this that she didn't even wince. Higher and higher she climbed, until at last she could see just a bit of the school poking out about the trees. Here she stopped and leaned against the branch, just enjoying the feel of the wind through her hair and the sun on her face.
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