Cleaning up.

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Cleaning up.

Post  Deputy Headmistress on Fri Nov 16, 2007 11:27 pm

Location: Deputy Headmistress's office
Time: In the mid afternoon
Open or closed. OPEN to all

She could not believe that huge mess that was in her office. She was only gone for a summer, and it was gross! Jayne looked around for her wand. It was no where to be found. "Honestly..." Jayne closed her eyes, and her wand glowed lime green for her. It was under a picture of Hayden and her brothers-typical. Jayne picked the wand up, and gave it a small flick. Everything in her office got all cleaned up, and it wasn't so gross anymore. Her eyes scanned her desk. Papers, Pictures, books, quills and ink were stacked in piles. Not even magic could clean that mess up. She sat down in her big comfy chair, and closed her eyes for a second. It was only their second day back, and she already wished she was still at home and in bed.

She looked over at the pictures of her two girls. She burst out laughing, and shook her head. Her light blue eyes and looked up at her wall, and saw the picture of Robyn, Peyton, Hayden, Connor, Nolan and Maxwell. It was a gift for Isabella Shay -her mother- but turned out being a gift for them all. She chuckled, and remembed why she was even in her office for the first place-she wanted to get away from kids for a minute. It was so hard for her, though. Everywhere she turned in her office there are pictures of kids...and everywhere she looks in the hallway there are kids!

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