What a pretty Kitty

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What a pretty Kitty

Post  Dani Sunset on Fri Nov 16, 2007 7:21 am

Location: Pet Sanctuary
Private: Seth Ridgewood and Dani Sunset

::Dani wandered up to the pet sanctuary later than evening, sometimes when she'd get lonely she'd come up there transform and play with the dogs. But today the playful mood of a dog and wolf was not her first option. She didn't know that her feet were leading her up the stone staircase, it must had been out of habit that they led her to the stone door, with a picture of a Monkey on it. Giggling slightly as she did usually when she saw the monkey, she opened the door and shut it behind her.

Sighing softly she noticed that most of the Animals that had been her friends last year had not yet arrived or their owners had graduated. There was one animal that stuck out when she first saw it. A black almost smoky cat. It was curled up in the window sill, taking a nap in the last few rays of sunshine. Dani smiled and walked slowly and softly over to where it nestled safe in the world of dreams.

Kneeling on the springy moss like carpet she reached her hand out to the beast and stroked its head. Upon hearing a courageous purr she smiled and still stroking its head she lost attention of what was happening around her.
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