Letters to home

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Letters to home

Post  Hayden Rose on Fri Nov 16, 2007 3:03 am

Location: Owlrey
Time and Date: 11/15/07
Private/Open: OPEN

Dear Mom, Dad, Connor, Nolan, and Maxwell,

So it's the second day back...and already I really miss you. I know...how weird! I even miss the rugrats waking me up at seven AM seeing who can burp the loudest. (By the way....Nolan wins!) So guess what? I have Auntie Jayne first thing every morning. Isn't that umm....lucky? Today we went over Boggarts. I -personally- wasn't that bothered by it. Oh well. I'll tell you one thing, though. I was very shocked by what it was. I mean...I didn't know that I had such an inner fear of...well...I don't really want to enclose that in a letter.

I really miss my own room! I love sharing a room with Melinda and my other friends -don't get me wrong- but I just...miss the pink-ness of my room at home! I wish I had my Blake poster! Haha! It's hard not wishing him sweet dreams every night! I still can't believe that this is my last year here....alone. Without Connor being here to like...kill my life. Haha!

Don't worry, mom. Auntie, Charlotte, and Melinda are all fine. I think Auntie really misses her family...even though she had a run in with them today! Haha! Have Uncle Jimmy tell you all about it!

Write back soon! I love and miss you all!


PS- Send money!

She re-read her letter, and laughed out loud at it. She knew that it was weird to send a letter home on the second day back for a sixth year, but she just wanted to give her family a quick hello. She also didn't want to admit it outloud, but she wanted to just...see her family again really, really soon. "Bob!" She yelled up to her owl, "Bob Saget! Get down here!" She giggled, as her new baby white owl came down, and landed on her sholder. Hayden had named him after her favorite goofy actor. "Take this back home..." She told the small owl. Bob wasn't listening to her. "Bob Saget!" She yelled, and he looked at her. "Take this letter back home. Alright?" Bob nipped her ear, and held out his leg. She quickly tied the letter to him. Bob hooted, and flew away...barely.
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Re: Letters to home

Post  William Madison on Sun Nov 25, 2007 12:22 pm

Will trudged up to the owlry, carrying a letter he'd just written home to his mother and younger sister. He knew it was a bit, well, nerdy, to be writting home so early in the school year, but, to be quite honest, he didn't care. He liked to let them know what was happening here at school almost as much as he liked hearing about what was happening back home. Most teenaged guys fought for independance...Will was the opposite. He'd been forced to be independent since the divorce- his family had nearly fallen apart- and so he fought for dependence, to be taken care of, held on to again, though, of course, he'd never let anyone know. Will prided himself on being about to keep a calm, cool and collected exterior, even when the world around him was falling apart.

Sighing, Will ran a hand through his tousled brown hair as he looked up. He was nearly there now...just a few more steps...and FINALLY. Honestly, why on Earth do they put this silly place so far away? he mentally wondered, shaking his head as he stepped inside.

Immeaditly, he was greeted by the loud hoots of all the birds which surrounded him. His own rusty brown owl (actually, technically speaking, it was his and his sister's owl) swooped down upon him. "Hello Rudalpha" (his little sister had named her) Will greeted her, smiling as he stroked her quietly. Glancing around the place, he realized for the first time that he was not alone. Rather, a girl who looked just a bit younger than him was in the corner. Not wanting to seem cold to this somewhat stranger, Will gave a tenative smile, a wave, and called "Hello" to her.

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