School Uniforms

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School Uniforms

Post  Headmistress on Sat Nov 10, 2007 11:58 pm

They're just normal private school uniforms.

Boys: Dress pants, collared shirt blazer, tie, etc.
Girls: Pleated skirts, stockings, blouse, neck tie thing, blazer

Shoes always black

Brightstar-gold with white (pants, skirts-gold; shirt, blouse, stockings-white; tie, neck tie-white; blazers-gold)

Wyrfeather-dark grey with light blue (pants, skirts-dark grey; shirt, blouse, stockings-light blue; tie, neck tie-light blue; blazers-dark grey)

Blastfur-dark blue with black (pants, skirts-dark blue; shirt, blouse, stockings-black; tie, neck tie-black; blazers-dark blue)

Willowbramble-dark green with brown (pants, skirts-dark green; shirt, blouse, stockings-brown; tie, neck tie-brown; blazers-dark green)

Burnstrike-dark red with light yellow (pants, skirts-dark red; shirt, blouse, stockings-light yellow; tie, neck tie-light yellow; blazers-dark red)


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